2016 Super Conference Agenda

The Super Conference agenda includes both presentations (on the main stage) and practical exercises (in the breakout rooms), all led by the best dating coaches and instructors in the world for each topic. Topics chosen reflect the newest and best material developed by each instructor, usually a couple years before it gets integrated into our regular bootcamps or products, and represent the cutting edge knowledge and skills that men need to succeed in today’s dating world.

To accommodate students of varying levels, we've classified sessions into 3 "tracks":

Fundamentals (F) - for students who do not consistently generate attraction from women
Intermediate (I) - for students that can generate attraction, but have little-to-no results (i.e., phone numbers, dates, physical relationships, etc.)
Advanced (A) - for students who can generate attraction and results, but would like to increase their consistency, efficiency and achieve more challenging feats (e.g., strippers and hired guns, friends-with-benefits)

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