April 23, 2011 - 20 comments

Lots of New Material Coming!

Stuff is speeding up around here. We got Jeremy Soul confirmed for a session on "Lifestyle". That's going to be great -- so many guys learn the techniques and tactics for attracting beautiful women, but don't have the lifestyle to back it up. It' s not about being the party pimp, but it is about combining a few crucial elements into an identity that draws her in, over and over.

Trying to pin Fader down on a topic now. Last year he did Stripper game, which brought down the house (and guys used his stuff to great effect that night at Vegas strip clubs…I saw at least two stripper-pulls). But now that he's started teaching infield stripper game workshops (i.e., he actually takes you to strip clubs to teach you game and help you pick up right at the club), there's not as much point. Going to try to get him onto something around teasing or frame control.

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