Social Rockstar Super Conference 2017 AGENDA

Super Conference 2018 Schedule will be Coming Soon! Until then have a look at last year’s agenda!

The Social Rockstar Super Conference agenda includes both presentations (on the main stage) and practical exercises (in the breakout rooms), all led by our experienced coaches.

To accommodate students of varying levels, we've classified sessions into 3 tracks:

  • Fundamentals (F) - for students who do not consistently generate attraction from women

  • Intermediate (I) - for students that can generate attraction, but have little-to-no results (i.e., phone numbers, dates, sexual relationships, etc.)

  • Advanced (A) - for students who can generate attraction and results, but would like to increase their consistency, efficiency and achieve more challenging feats


Don't know what level you are? Don't worry – we'll help you figure this out in our consult sessions where our instructors will give you personalized suggestions on what talks and exercises will be best for you. All talks are open to all participants.


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Add On Programs Pricing and Info

Quick Start Program - Led by Fader: Click Here For Details and Pricing

007 Game (advanced) - Led by Labi: Click Here For Details and Pricing

Fashion Theory + Shopping - Led by Labi or Jason Lemonjacket: Click Here For Details and Pricing

Dance Floor Game - Led by Jason Lemonjacket: Click Here For Details and Pricing

Day Game Part 1 + Part 2 - Led by Dave Vox: Click Here For Details and Pricing

Inner Game - Led by Sterling: Click Here For Details and Pricing

Dancers and Hired Guns - Led by Rob Calabrese and Fader: Click Here For Details and Pricing



Main Stage Sessions: Friday August 25, 2017

Friday marks the formal start of the 2017 Social Rockstar Super Conference. Including the non-in-field seminar sessions. Each of which will take place on the main stage at the Linq Las Vegas Hotel, in a classroom style auditorium.

Be prepared to take notes.

Keynote Speech: Love Systems 2017

Led by Derek Cajun - Friday August 25th 12pm - 1pm
Derek Cajun, the Head of Love Systems,  draws from over 10 years of experience as an instructor, to break down the weekend. This session gives you pointers on how you can get the most out of this year’s Social Rockstar Super Conference,  as he’ll discuss logistics of the weekend, tips and tricks for navigating Las Vegas, as well as going over some exciting things that have happened over the past year at Love Systems, including what’s on the horizon for the Love Systems community.


Inner Game - Improve the way you feel and eliminate negative beliefs

Led by Dan Wildcard - Friday, August 25th, 1pm - 2pm

Inner Game is your internal psychology, which is primarily made up of the beliefs you have about yourself and towards women. Inner game is an area that is commonly overlooked by Men when they set out to develop their social skills, but it’s where the majority of men are lacking, which is a major reason we always kick off the conference with a session on Inner Game.

This presentation by Inner Game expert Dan Wildcard will teach you how to identify and eliminate unhealthy limiting beliefs that you might not realize are weighing you down. This session is going to be paramount to your success over the weekend as well as your development in the long term.

The development of strong inner game will have profound positive effects in all other areas of your life, from fostering more fulfilling friendships to increasing your confidence when making challenging business decisions.

Dan WIldcard is known for giving his students practical easy to implement actions that you can begin using immediately to get a handle on your Inner Game.


Approaching with Success - Learn how to approach beautiful women and make the best of your time together

Led by Jason Lemonjacket - Friday, August 25, 3pm - 4pm

Without approaching, nothing can happen.

This is why the first thing you say to a girl is the most important part of the conversation.

In this seminar, approach expert Jason Lemonjacket will teach you how to capitalize on every opportunity by giving you the best approaching methods possible. No matter if it’s the girl you’ve been eyeing across the bar or coffee shop, or the hottie that’s laughing and chatting with a big group of friends, you’ll discover the tools needed to give yourself a shot with that girl so you can make the most of your time together.


Eliminating Inscecurities - Take an inside look to change your overall mindset 

Led by Myke Macapinlac - Friday, August 25, 4pm - 5pm

Myke Macapinlac will be guest staring this year at our Social Rockstar Super Conference! His talk about Eliminating Insecurities will be going in depth into reframing your limiting beliefs, growth and fixed mindset, the power of visualization, self-appreciate and positive compensation.


Understanding Attraction - Take a deep dive into the mechanics of attraction so you know how to cultivate it in real-time

Led by Hayden JC - Friday, August 25, 5pm - 6pm

Believe it or not, a lack of understanding when it comes to Attraction is what’s holding you back from a more consistent and fulfilling dating life.

You probably know the feeling when someone is attracted to you. But if you’re like most guys you can’t describe it. You can’t quite put your finger on it, you can just “sense it”.

If you’re like me this probably created a lot of confusion, a lot of sleepless nights wondering if she’s into you, a lot of time wasted looking for “signals” IE: red or green lights that are supposed to be clear signals to make it easy for you to understand if she’s into you or not.

The truth is that these signals don’t exist.

Don’t worry, our attraction expert JC has drawn on his experience in the field, going deep into the psychology behind Attraction to present you with a simple breakdown of the skills needed for you to create attraction at will.


(Platinum and Gold Only) In-Field Groups: Practice & Tips for Tonight - Prepare to hit the clubs in Las Vegas

Friday, August 25, 6pm-7pm; Saturday August 26, 6pm-7pm

This is your time to meet your dedicated instructors for the evening and mingle with the fellow students for a final walk through before we hit the bars, clubs and lounges to practice what you’ve learned.

Your instructors will be available to answer any last minute questions and make sure you’ve got everything you need to make the most out of your night in-field!


(Platinum and Gold Only) In-Field Training - Put the theory into practice at the hottest Vegas Nightclubs with the world's best wingmen at your side

Friday, August 25, 6pm-7pm; Saturday August 26, 10:00pm - Onwards

This is the fun part!

You’re armed to the hilt with theory, you’ve got the the world’s top dating coaches as your wingmen and guides, you’ve got everything you need as you head out to the best bars and clubs in Las Vegas!

The instructors will be there to “wing” you and make sure you have a blast while giving you demos and providing feedback throughout the night. Tell them what you want to get out of this weekend, and they will do their best to make it happen. This weekend is all about you and your goals, and each one of our instructors is committed to making sure you have the time of your life.


Saturday August 26, 2017

(Platinum and Gold Only) In-Field Training Debrief - Get the full details of what went well last night and what to work on next time.

Saturday August 26; Sunday August 27, 11am - 12pm

With so many things going on at the club it’s hard to remember all the pointers and coaching you got in the moment from the instructors.

This session is your opportunity to ask questions, give examples, and go over some of the things they were talking about the night before in more detail.  The instructors will also tell you what aspects you should be focusing on moving forward.


Project Rockstar - A once in a lifetime opportunity to completely transform every aspect of yourself.

Led by Andrew Sterling and Andy Venture - Saturday August 26, 12pm - 1pm

Over the course of an unforgettable summer Love Systems’ most seasoned instructors work intensively with participants (Rockstars) to develop some of the best game in the world.

Hear what the Project Rockstar instructors and alumni have to say about the lessons they’ve learned through their experiences over their respective summers on the program. Expect everything from uncensored stories to inspiring life lessons that will inspire you start transforming your life today.


10 Things I Learned over 10 Years in the Dating industry

Learn from one of our most experienced instructors as he shares his most valuable dating lessons from over the years!

Led by Fader - Saturday, August 26, 1pm - 2pm

In this session Fader is going to share the 10 biggest things that he discovered over his 10 years of working in this industry. You’ll get a good idea of what lies ahead of you as you set off down the path towards improving your dating life.


Creating Sexual Chemistry - Learn how to bring out a woman’s sexual nature.

Led by Dave Vox - Saturday, August 26, 4pm - 5pm

Discover the secret to turning an interaction sexual and bringing out a woman’s wild side within the first 90 seconds, so that you can permanently avoid falling into the dreaded friend zone.


Get Her To Open Up - Use humor, teasing, commonalities and passion to break through her shield and make a connection.

Led Rob Calabrese - Saturday, August 26, 4pm - 5pm

Being able to get women to open up you is an important phase that you’ll need to master before you are able to move the interaction forward and build trust with her. In this session Rob talks about how you can use simple conversation tools like humor, teasing, and passion to bring out commonalities and help her open up to you.


Cultivate Your Inner Masculinity - Become the man everyone in the room is drawn to.

Led by Sam Badger - Saturday, August 26, 5pm - 6pm

Masculinity expert Sam Bader helps you understand what masculinity is and why women are attracted to it. Fusing this together will help you learn how to cultivate your own core masculinity, making you an instantly more attractive man.


How to Leave Smoothly

Led by Labi - Saturday, August 26, 6pm - 7pm

Labyrinth goes over all the details of his "passenger" approach that focuses on how to smoothly transition from the first few minutes of a conversation, to keep escalating things throughout the night. So  when the time comes the two of you can leave the venue in a way that minimizes awkwardness and logistical issues that will otherwise frustrate both of you when you want to be alone.


Sunday August 27, 2017

Simplified Natural - The roadmap to building yourself into a naturally and permanently attractive man

Led by Andrew Venture and Andy Sterling - Sunday August 27, 12pm - 1pm

Becoming a naturally and permanently attractive man is a long road, and the Simplified Natural curriculum is the quickest and most direct way to transform yourself. This is the Love Systems approach to becoming a “natural” and it’s taught exclusively by it’s creators Venture and Sterling.

In this content packed seminar, Venture and Sterling will be covering all the major aspects of Simplified Natural, which will instantly begin to change the way that you view ‘game’.

There are many different ingredients to the simplified natural program, but the overarching theme is “natural attractiveness” – centering around the idea that you can develop lasting attractiveness from within as opposed to relying on inauthentic outer game such as lines and routines.


Mastering Dates

Led by Dave Vox and Dan Wildcard - Sunday August 27, 2pm - 3pm

So you've got her number and agreed to meet. How do you make the most of this? Learn the tried and tested date framework that will have your dates ending in success.


The Power of Relationships

Led by Dan Wildcard - Sunday, August 27, 1pm - 2pm

Whether you are looking to get into a casual or long term relationship or are already in one Dan wildcard is going to give you some tips on how to get into one, how to maintain your relationship and how to leave gracefully.


Personal Break + Consultations - Take time for yourself and get personalized feedback!

Led by All Instructors - Friday, August 25, 2pm-3pm; Saturday August 26, 3pm-4pm; Sunday August 27, 3pm - 4pm

Make sure you see Sarah at the Front Desk to sign up ahead of time for your sessions! Take this time to meet with an instructor of your choice, ask questions, ask for feedback, for clarifications or advice about anything and everything you have learned or come across over the weekend!


Avoid the Friendzone- Learn the skills needed so you never become trapped in the Friendzone ever again.

Led by Hayden JC - Sunday, August 27, 4pm - 5pm

Hayden will give you a detailed look at the Friendzone, so that you can avoid it, or how to get out of it if you’re already there. Avoiding the Friend Zone will help you stay three steps ahead of the game, ensuring you are able to lead any interaction successfully.


Keep the Momentum Going- Formulate a solid Game plan and learn how to stick to it!

Led by Hayden JC - Sunday, August 27, 4pm - 5pm

Learning how to meet and socialize with amazing women is great, but becoming a man with a great dating life requires time and commitment. You’ll learn how to form a game plan that will get results over time by creating realistic goals that are obtainable and easy for you to stick to.

This session is designed to help you get the best results as quickly as possible.

We want you to walk away from the weekend knowing what your game plan is for the coming months and how you can create new and actionable goals as your needs and desires change.


Bonus Session: Personal Feedback - Get your game plan reviewed and added to by one of our Instructors!

Led by All Instructors - Sunday August 27, 6:00pm - 6:30pm

Make sure you see Sarah at the Front Desk to sign up ahead of time for your sessions! Take this time to meet with an instructor of your choice* ask for feedback on your game plan, get their insight on things they think will help you specifically so you stick to it and gain the most results!

*We will do our best to make accommodations to instructor preference based on availability.


Breakout Room Sessions

All Sessions in the Breakout Rooms are live, interactive exercises. Do not come expecting to sit in a chair and take notes. These Sessions are all about practicing the various techniques with instructors demonstrating, watching and coaching you!


Natural Conversation and Humour - Never run out of things to say without memorizing routines!

Led by Dave Vox - Friday, August 25,  3pm - 4pm

Learn the art of natural and organic conversation. Drop the lines and gimmicks and discover the framework for never running out of things to say and having engaging conversations with women.


Approach, Starting Conversation - Practice makes perfect when it comes to approaching

Led by Rob Calabrese - Friday, August 25, 4pm - 5pm

Make the first 30 seconds impactful when you are going to approach, in this session you will learn how to make a smooth introduction and delivery. Pairing it with matching body language and nonverbal cues. Practice encompassing all of these components while receiving feedback from Rob and the other session helpers. This will set a good foundation for your first night out in Las Vegas.


Amplifying Your Physical Presence - More than just Body Language

Led by Vercetti - Friday, August 25, 5pm - 6pm

Learn the life changing secret to making an instantaneous and lasting impact on everyone that you meet. You'll learn how to cut through people’s social masks and command respect and authenticity.


Q+A with Cajun - Here is your chance, ask legendary Derek Cajun anything you want to know!

Led by Derek Cajun - Friday, August 25, 6pm - 7pm

Silver Students here is your chance to ask the Legendary Derek Cajun will be giving out all of his greatest tips, telling his greatest stories and of course answering any questions you might have.


Drills: Creating Attraction - Skills that will help you create and build attraction in real time.

Led by Hayden JC - Saturday, August 26, 12pm - 1pm

Learning how to create attraction requires a high level of situational awareness and extreme emotional intelligence. Develop these skills as our Attraction expert Hayden guides you through a specialized set of drills designed to teach you how to never run out of things to say or do with any girl you’re interested in meeting or dating.


Drills: Describing Yourself to Women- Draw women into your life story by using energy and enthusiasm.

Led by Labi - Saturday, August 26, 1pm - 2pm

Practice poetizing your life story so you can relate to the women you want to be with. A storytelling specialist, Labyrinth, will help you to use your enthusiasm and energy as you tell your unique story so you can both connect in the same frequency of thought!


Dance Floor Game - The basics on how to enjoy meeting girls on the dance floor!

Led by Jason Lemonjacket - Saturday, August 26, 2pm - 3pm

Not the dancing type?

Don’t worry. With a few simple tips, even the most awkward dancers can learn to effectively meet women on the dancefloor. Over the course of this session, you'll learn the basics for meeting girls so that both of you have a good time, and keep the momentum going. This breakout room session is a modified version of the 'Dancefloor Game' seminar taught on the subject.


Drills:Daytime Dating Primer - Don’t miss an opportunity just because you are not at a bar...

Led by Dave Vox - Saturday, August 26, 5pm - 6pm

What happens when the lights are on? Attractive women are everywhere. Don't miss out on the opportunities that are all around you, just because you’re not at a bar. Learn the framework for a successful daytime approach that will leave you with many more options in your dating life.


Natural Conversation - Never run out of things to say, naturally!

Led by Alex Vici - Saturday, August 26, 4pm - 5pm

Tons of guys worry about running out of things to say. But the truth is Leading a natural conversation is not as challenging as you think. Once Alex, a conversational expert breaks it down for you, and you get a chance to practice, you will never run out of things to say ever again!


Drills: Escalation - Learn how to read, lead and build!

Led by Fader - Saturday, August 26, 6pm - 7pm

A women’s body language rarely lies. In this session you will learn how read her signals, lead her while building the “physical conversation” based on her reactions to your moves, and your reactions to hers.


Fashion and Lifestyle - 2 Key Elements to get your Foot in the Door

Led by Labi - Sunday August 27, 12pm - 1pm

'What do your clothes say about you?’

An often overlooked question, and a reason you can’t get your  'foot in the door' with the woman you desire, can be something as simple as your clothing. Dress to kill while showing who you are.  The two key elements presented by Labyrinth in this program.


Online Profile Review - 10x Your Matches with Your Lead Photo

Led by Justin - Sunday August 27, 1pm - 2pm

A picture tells a 1000 words and you are competing with thousands of other guys on the various online dating apps. In this session have your online profile reviewed while learning how you can make the most impact with your lead photo. A photographer and online dating expert, Justin has the case study results to prove his experience will help you meet the women that you’re looking for online!


Developing Your Personal Story - Identify and fine tune your delivery so you are able put your best story forward

Led by Dave Vox and Dan Wildcard - Sunday August 27, 2pm - 3pm

This session is designed to help you identify your individual attractive qualities and fine tune your delivery when you tell your story. It’s important you don’t bore them to death, or skip over important parts so that women want to see you again.

Good storytelling is crucial for showing women the qualities you already posses, especially when it comes to developing your personal story.


Fitness Assessment - Learn how to get on track with your Nutrition and Fitness

Led by Kris - Sunday August 27, 4pm - 5pm

Being in shape will get you closer to the lifestyle you desire.

No matter your starting point, Kris and his team will conduct personalized consultations to provide you with an actionable fitness and nutrition plan that includes achievable goals to help you get the results you deserve and help you look and feel the way you’ve always wanted.


Add on Programs

007 Game - Masculine.Elegant.Bold

Led by Labi - Thursday, August 24, Seminar 5pm - 8pm, Infield 10pm - 1pm

Successful gentlemen know that meeting women is not hard. Meeting the woman of your dreams and knowing what and how to leave a powerful impact on her can be very difficult, let alone being able to give her that butterfly feeling inside while leaving her wanting more.

That’s just what '007 Game' builds you up to be. Labyrinth has been crafting this style of game for over 10 years and this year, for the first time at the Super Conference he launches this unique type of game that will make you into a Gentleman that every guy wants to be, and every woman wants to be with!

Most beautiful, witty and successful women have one problem in common. They meet amazing guys like you, but they just don't feel the spark. That spark, is the heart of the 007 game.


Quick Start Program

Led by Fader- Thursday, August 24, 3pm - 7pm

Quick start is our premiere course designed to help you get the most out of super conference.  It is led by Fader who has taught the most workshops in the company's history (he has over 100 reviews & over 60 students who have been married dating back over a decade).  He has a created the perfect synthesis of beginner / intermediate (with a nice dose of advanced) information.

With so much information how do you get the maximum gains for your time investment in studying?  You will learn how to get the most out of super conference and how to maximize your growth. What you should study, how you should study & more importantly when you should avoid studying.



Led by Labi or Jason Lemonjacket- Friday, August 25, 7pm - 8pm

In this advanced class you will learn the do’s and dont’s of fashion, what each items says about you and how to find the right balance to fit in pretty much anywhere with a sharp edge. This class also includes time out in the shops to have the experts find items that match your identity.


Dance Floor Game

Led by Jason Lemonjacket- Saturday, August 26, 7pm - 8pm

Have you ever shied away from the dance floor because you weren't comfortable dancing with a girl? Or maybe you would like to learn so you can be comfortable with the way you move? It's a known fact that women find men who know how to dance attractive. Well, this weekend, you'll have the chance to learn how to impress the women around you with some great moves you'll learn in this class.



Extra Infield - Gold or Silver Ticket Holders

Led by Hayden JC - Sunday, August 27, 10pm - Onward

Want to have the opportunity to have an extra night putting everything you learned over the weekend to the test? Here is your chance! Hayden JC is hosting an extra infield class where he will take you out the Las Vegas nightclubs and play wingman. Want to see demos? More Feedback? Just ask him he is yours for the night!


Day Game Part 1 + Part 2

Led by Dave Vox- Monday, August 28, 10am - 2pm / Tuesday August 29, 10am - 7pm

Have you ever seen that attractive women at the grocery store, the park or on the street walking right by and wished you knew what to do? The Daytime Dating course will take you from first glance to setting up a date with the attractive women you see every day. The skills you learn will enable you to meet women anytime, anywhere!


Inner Game

Led by Sterling, August 28, 3pm - 7pm

Have you ever felt like the woman you’re with or want is out of your league? Or felt yourself being overly emotionally dependent and clingy but can’t seem to help yourself? You can have the best game in the world, but if you feel insecure, needy or emotionally shaky, she will always pick up on that.

This powerful Inner Game seminar will immediately transform the biggest internal obstacles holding back your success. Work with us to develop a natural and unshakeable inner strength, a powerful belief system, and a true mentality of worthiness. It is guaranteed that developing rock solid Inner Game is rocket fuel to your results with women.


Dancers and Hired Guns

Led by Fader and Rob Calabrese - August 28, 8pm - 4am

The cute bartender who smiles when you order, the gorgeous dancer who flirts heavily and asks if you want a dance, there's no way you could actually attract and date these women right? Wrong.

Although Dancers and hired guns can appear much more difficult and untouchable, there is a consistent way to attract and date them, it just takes a different approach. Fader and Rob have spent most of their adult lives learning the art of attracting and dating these types of women. In this add-on they will go over all the methodology for how to consistently have them see you as more than a customer and create intense attraction. After you learn the methodology Fader and Rob will take you out to Las Vegas's finest gentlemen's club to practice until the wee hours of the morning. Prepare for the craziest night of your life.




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