Personal, Practical, Innovative, Inspiring


Super Conference  isn't just about super-charging your relationships, it's about giving you the tools to live a rich life. We bring our audience a weekend that is personal, practical, innovative and above all, inspiring. 

Personal - Derek Cajun on The Man Within

We all have a man within us that we want to achieve. Cajun talks about his journey into becoming the man he wanted, and the importance of taking action.

Practical - Chris Shepherd on Phone Game 

Have you ever had great chemistry with a woman, gotten her phone number and then had everything fall apart over the phone? Senior Instructor Chris Shepherd goes over the most common mistakes men make on the phone, and how to make sure that you turn a phone number into a date, every time. 

Innovative - Daniel Vercetti on Bodylanguage

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and your body language plays an important role in the way people view you and relate to you. Daniel Vercetti is a professional Shakespearean actor, and has an incredible talent for breaking down the key elements of bodylanguage and teaching it to anyone. 

Inspiring - Surpassing Your Boundaries

The Love Systems Super Conference is, above all, about surpassing your boundries to help you live the live you want to live. A life of abundance, and freedom. We will be your mentors, your personal wing men, and teach you more in one weekend than most men learn in a lifetime. 





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