April 9, 2011 - 37 comments

SuperConference Q&A

I'm procrastinating now, so I'll answer a few questions I've gotten in email.

When do tickets for 2011 go on sale?
I don't know. It will be announced in the Love Systems' insider (LSi). Not for a couple months anyway.

Has anyone ever taken advantage of the "100% money back guarantee?"
Yes. Once. He showed up late, ran into the main room, and came back out literally about a minute later and wouldn't explain why. Other than that, no. But it's there.

Will there be another session this year on breaking down live pickup video?
Yes. Don't know any more details than that right now, but there will be one.

How much does the SuperConference change from year to year?
In terms of content, a lot. Maybe one third of the SuperConference has been there before and is specifically coming to get the new stuff.  Plus the SuperConference is kind of an opportunity for instructors to show off a bit.  Someone doing the same thing - well it wouldn't be allowed, and even if it were, he'd be laughed at by other instructors. We take what we do seriously.

All the more so from 2010 to 2011 because we videotaped a lot of the 2010 SuperConference. So we definitely wouldn't repeat any of that.

That being said, some subjects we have to do every year, like the basics of attraction, or how qualification works, or how and when to take things physical.  But even with these, we make sure it's a different instructor doing it every year with a different angle.

When will you release the 2011 SuperConference agenda?
Soon. Probably another month.

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