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Why Attend?

3 - 7 FULL DAYS of Practical Pickup Training in Las Vegas

The best pick-up artist and dating coaching – taught by the best “ladies men” in the world. Men who are experts in the breakthrough “Love Systems” techniques that use your personality and psychology (instead of money and looks) to attract beautiful women. Don’t “settle” or be alone - ANYONE can date beautiful women if you know what to do.

If you’ve attended before... you know what the energy will be like, how much you’ll learn, and how much your life can change in 3 days and 2 nights. But even you will be amazed at how much new material will be at SuperConference 2015. Not just about hooking up with women at bars and clubs, but also coffee shops, malls, longer-term relationships or even how to get your “ex” back!

If this is your first year at the Love Systems SuperConference... you’re in for a life-changing experience. Unlike most conferences, it’s not just about “learning” - it’s about “doing.” Powerful techniques are taught on the main stage, and then you can practice them for up to 15 hours (!) in the “Breakout Room” with instructors coaching you. Then on both nights, go out with expert pick up artists - anywhere attractive women gather - and let them coach you on your skills until you’re picking up like a master.

New this year, we're also offering an All Access pass that gives you admission to SuperConference and all of the specialty workshops that happen before and after SuperConference.

That's 7 days of debauchery and meeting, attracting and seducing beautiful women in Las Vegas. If you have a better idea for how to spend a week, we'd love to hear it!

The SuperConference is the ONLY conference where you’ll leave having already CHANGED YOUR LIFE WITH WOMEN AND DATING.

We will be there with you every step of the way, including AFTER SuperConference, where you get a free month of personal 1-1 support from a top instructor.

Put it this way – most conferences give you “information overload” – a bunch of things that sound good, but you don’t know how to use.  The Love Systems SuperConference is THE big “Dating Science” event of the year because it is the ONLY conference that merges information and practice.

And...we don't just send you home and leave you on your own. We continue the mentorship because we want to make sure that you incorporate what you learn into your everyday life.

This is because we believe that every man deserves to get his dream woman. And we'll do whatever it takes to make that a reality.

Learn the breakthrough techniques to attract beautiful women on the “Main Stage”….

Practice them in the “Breakout Rooms” until they feel natural….

(VIP level only)Then USE them to meet, attract (and more) with the women you want at top Las Vegas lounges, nightclubs, and parties….

... all under the care and coaching of the world’s top dating coaches and pickup artists. Live. In person. All weekend.

All new information. Every year, the best pick up artists and dating coaches from (literally) around the world come to SuperConference to show off their newest and best techniques. It’s a competition for them, and it benefits you. Most of the dating and attraction techniques we take for granted today were first taught at a SuperConference.


Love Systems training WORKS. On the reviews page you’ll see skeptical journalists covering the SuperConference and other Love Systems training. Some say it is wrong. Some say it is “unfair” to women. Some say it gives men too much of an advantage. But all of them – from Dr. Phil and Tyra Banks on down – admit that it works. You WILL attract, date, and seduce more and hotter women.


Individualized training, not just information. Listening to speakers and presentations is only the first step at SuperConference. Practice with the same experts in the breakout room until you are using and internalizing these new techniques. Then take them on the road – with top experts as your personal wingmen – for two nights at lounges and nightclubs. You will be picking up beautiful women.


Set for all skill levels. The SuperConference runs on three “tracks”: Foundations, Intermediate, and Advanced. Based on your assessment at the beginning of SuperConference, you’ll be given a list of suggested sessions and instructors to make your skill level. (Of course, you keep full control. Go to whatever sessions you want. You’re the boss.)


Never get this anywhere else. Top dating coaches fly in from Europe, Asia, Australia, and all across the Americas to train you. Not only that, but we’re all staying in the same hotel, giving plenty of opportunities for informal consultations, advice, and fun throughout the 3 days. Doing the equivalent training on your own would cost $60,000 or more.


Plus… an important Bonus reason:


The no-questions MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If at the end of SuperConference, you don’t feel that it was worth every penny that you invested in yourself, then you get all of it back. It’s that simple. That’s how powerful this training is. There is absolutely no risk to you, and nothing to lose. Now think of all you’d have to gain...

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